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Introduction: Workshop Storage

Keeping a workshop clean starts with shelving. Think ....everything has a home

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Step 1: Materials

2*4*8' for the posts
1*4*8' for supports
Ideally you want to go cheap on this and not spend a lot of money for something that is just for support. The middle pic is old decking board ripped in half. The far right pic is from a broken down pallet. With a little work you can make these with pallet wood. Which is my suggestion.

Step 2: Tools

A table saw and nail gun would be great but you can use hand tools if you have them. Screws or nails can be used. I used glue under the boards for extra strength.

Step 3: Layout

Make them the size you want. Customize the height to the depth and shelve height needed. These are 16" depth on the inside. Keep in mind when determining depth keep it simple to get all out of a single sheet of plyboard. 16", 12" , or 8"

Make sure when you fasten your supports they are square to the posts. Glue the underside and fasten. Repeat.

Step 4: Shelving

The trick here is to go to your favorite home improvement store and find 3/4 plyboard , cheapest possible and have them rip the boards to the width you need. they are very helpful with this and will do it for you without charge. Put two screws into each section to secure.

Step 5: Assembly Sketches

Here are some sketches for assembly and construction.

Step 6: Closing

Now that you have shelves, go look for boxes and start packing and labeling everything. I use the upper section for lumber storage. For a more permanent solution you can custom make boxes with 3/8 plyboard shown in a few of the photos

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    4 years ago

    I like the way you built these shelves! Nice, simple, and they look plenty strong. Good stuff!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you Seamster