Worktable Wall Mount

Introduction: Worktable Wall Mount

Hey guys! This is a quick instructable on how to make a workshop wall mount for all your tools, plans etc etc etc. I've used a 9mm sheet of 4'x3' marine plywood for this.

Step 1: Mounting the Ply

To put the ply on the wall, you gotta first keep it up there to put the screws... For that I rested it on a block slightly above the worktable.

Step 2: The Screws

I first drilled a deep hole into the wall through the wood, then stuffed it with toothpicks for the screws to grip and then sent the screws in with a drill.
Do this to the top 2 corners, and slightly below the centre., and one in the centre to keep the board from warping in the centre

Step 3: The Mounts

Here I've put screws to mount all my tools. For the hot glue gun and dremel, I just put 2 screws about 6" apart. I also put a shelf which I purchased on...

Step 4: Rc Remote Hangar

This is a simple step. I just plugged 2 screws in to hang my rc remote onto...

Step 5: Drill Mount

Now for the drill mount! For this I'm using glass brackets which I picked up from my local hardware store for around 100 rupees a pair (around 2$)
I put a wooden stick into it to extend it further, and screwed it to the wall.

Step 6: Miscellaneous Hanging Screws

This is for hanging random stuff, small wires etc... Simply measure out a 2" gap horizontally and drill in some screws

Step 7: Finish

And you're done! You can basically mount anything on this as long as it isn't too heavy ( no hanging anvils or people)

If you liked this build, please vote for me in the tools and guerilla designs contests!

Step 8: [EDIT] Tablet Mount

Now I'm gonna jab on a mount for my nexus so I can keep stuff on display while working (or watch a movie ;))
For this I'm using an old case for the tab... I'm using a case with a rotating cap so I can spin the tab while it's mounted...
First I peeled off the coating from the back cover, as it was old and rotting...
Spray painted it cuz swag...
Then I epoxied a piece of wood onto the spin mechanism in the centre...
Screwed the wood into the board.. Aaand done!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm curious about that cool looking rc plane. Is that scratch built or from a kit?