World Champion Russell

Introduction: World Champion Russell

I wanted to be Russell from UP! for Halloween :) And once the SF Giants won the World Series, I decided to be World Champion Russell :)

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Step 1: Main Pieces

I purchased the yellow polo and yellow twill cap on eBay by searching:

Women's Yellow Pique Polo
Adjustable Yellow Twill Baseball Cap

Step 2: Sash & Badges

I ordered the Girl Scout Brownie Sash online on the GS of America website. It's an XL.

To create the badges, I ordered clear adhesive transparency paper, and felt furniture padding. For my particular sash, I created 48 badges. I printed out the badges from this site:   on the transparencies. I gave the grey felt furniture padding circles a coat of white paint, which acted like a primer for the bright colors on the transparencies. I cut out all the badges and stuck them to the furniture padding. Then stuck each finished badge to my sash! A little intense, but gives a great effect!

Step 3: Flag

I purchased a simple wooden dowel from the craft store, along with orange felt. The flag is made of 2 identical triangles, glued together around the dowel, with a piece of cardboard inside. You can decorate with the original Wilderness Explorer badge, or do as I did and add a vinyl of your favorite team! I stuck this in my mini backpack.

Step 4: Putting It Together!

I went to my local florist and got 6 helium balloons, and attached them to my mini backpack. Pair everything with an orange bandana, knee socks, and brown shoes, and you're set :)

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hi I love the costume! I realize this is quite an old post but could i buy the file with the badges ? with the white background from you? I can't find them online anywhere. And need for my sons halloween costume! Thank you


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome. I am most envious of your badges. Did you wear this to the Giants Parade?