World Map - CNC Pallet Board




Here is how to CNC your very own world map cut out.

The following instructable will show you the simple steps I took to create a large detailed cut

Materials and Tools

- CNC machine

- pallet board

- sand paper

- utility knife

- drill

- clamps

- CAD CAM program of choice

- power tools

- sharp knifes

Please take necessary precautions!

Step 1:

- Create a 2D drawing in Sketchup.

- You may design a sketch of your own or import an image to trace.

- If you choose to import an image, start by making the face in Sketchup the same size as the material you are going to cut, then attach the image. (mine was 23" x 48")

- Go to file.

- Click import.

- Click on your image file.

- Make sure use as texture is selected.

- Click open.

- Select the bottom left corner and stretch the image across the face of your Sketchup drawing.

- Use the free hand tool to trace the image and then you are able to delete any unwanted background. (I split the world image into two separate cuts because the CNC cutting table was only 2' x 3')

- Highlight your drawing and export to .dxf.

- Select the units you want to work with.

- Finally, select polylines.

Step 2:

I used Cam Bam to create all machine operations.

- Create an inside PROFILE cut with a 1/8" bit. The 1/8" bit allows you to get the smaller islands and good detail on the outline.

- Make a separate file with a POCKET cut with a 1/4" bit to cut out the inside more quickly.

Step 3:

- Secure the material to the CNC table.

- Cut out the 1/8" profile.

- Switch bit to 1/4" and run pocket cut.

Step 4:

- Shift material to where second cut will start and secure to CNC table.

Step 5:

- Cut out the 1/8" profile.

- Switch bit to 1/4" and run pocket cut.

Step 6:

and you are done!!!

Some suggestions for final touches are:

- Rough

- Stain

- Paint

- Weather seal

(this piece can be original a hundred different ways)

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2 years ago

Its been 8 month and I now got my CNC working. I came to your site to check if you have the map on your instructable. But no luck.

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago


3 years ago

Yes, would like the world map file too. I would help me get started on my new 6040 CNC.

As I have difficulties getting started with it.


3 years ago on Introduction

Hey! Send you an private message, are you willing to share the files you used?


3 years ago

Where is the file?

Digital Flame

3 years ago

Thats REALLY cool! A brilliantly simple yet elegant idea! You got my vote!