World`s Cheapest and Smallest Cooling Pad

Introduction: World`s Cheapest and Smallest Cooling Pad

Ideal for all students and all laptops. Minimum requirements: Windows XP (or higher), weight less than 15 kg, GPU Nvidia Geforce 450, and user`s IQ more than 42.

Step 1: Find Some Table

It should be strong enough to support your laptop (optionally).

Step 2: Find Some Plastic Bottle Lids

Put two lids on the table. If you haven`t noticed yet, these 2 lids are my cooling pad.

Step 3: Find Some Laptop

All you have to do is put your laptop on those lids.

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    3 years ago

    Hmmm not strictly speaking a cooling pad, but certainly a cheap/free way to get a bit of air circulating under your laptop, so provided yours doesnt run too hot it should work.