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Hello Instructablers!

The World's Most Accurate Clock is always right. Set it the hands to where ever you want, and the time is always correct. You don't even have to put in batteries. It always NOW somewhere in the world. It may even be NOW where you are. Rather, it is almost certainly NOW where you are. If it is not NOW, then you have a problem. If you build this clock, you will never worry ever again about your clock having the wrong time. Daylight savings is a thing of the past. From NOW on, the time is always right.

1) Print out the attached NOW clock face.
2) Cut out the clock face.
3) Buy an Ikea Rusch clock.
4) Remove the plastic front.
5) Pull of the clock hands.
6) Replace the clock face with the new clock face.
7) Replace the hands and put the plastic front back on.

You can insert the batteries and set the time if you want. Or you can just leave it set at the current time. Either way is right.

Buh Bye!
Miss Paint

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    I showed that to my wife just now & she died laughing, this is one of the best projects that I've seen in some time thank you for that lol.