World's Simplest Motor

Introduction: World's Simplest Motor

How to make an easy, fun, and awesome motor that need barely any skill to build.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

-pair of good kitchen scissors

-electrical tape

-D cell battery

-C cell battery

-rectangular magnet

-22 gauge magnet wire


-2 small safety pins

Step 2: Set Up Your Battery

Take two small safety pins and attach them to both sides of the D cell battery with electrical tape.

Step 3: Create the Coil

Wrap the 22 gauge wire 15 times around a C cell battery or something like it to make the coil. After you do that, gently slide the coil off the battery. Leave about 1-2 inches of wire sticking out each end. To finish it off, take a bit of that excess wire and wrap it around both sides of the coil so that it wont unravel. Make sure that both ends are 180 degrees apart!!

Step 4: Sand the Ends of the Coil

Sand the insulation off the ends of the coil.

Step 5: Attach the Coil to the Battery

Slide the ends of the coil into the ends of the safety pins. You might have to adjust the safety pins if the coil touches the battery.

Step 6: Attach the Magnet

When you put the magnet on, it should naturally stick to the battery. It should be quite close to the coil. Make sure the coil doesn't touch the magnet!

Step 7: Have Fun!! :D

When you put the magnet on it will start moving automatically! Sometimes you might have to start it by spinning the shaft a bit. Enjoy!!! ;D


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    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    5 years ago

    Nice Ible ....


    5 years ago

    Looks sick, cant wait to try it