Worlds Smallest Fidget Inspired by Big Hero 6 Microbot

Introduction: Worlds Smallest Fidget Inspired by Big Hero 6 Microbot

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I was watching big hero 6 the other day with my 5 year old. He was totally in wow with the movie. So I thought why not make a souvenir for him. So I made this single unit of microbot from the movie. Later found out that it can be an awesome fidgeting toy without any moving parts.

So here it goes.

Step 1: Parts and How to Make

I used an old bamboo chopstick lying around in my terrarium making toolbox.

Cut out a small piece by judgement and started carving to create the shape.

Bamboo works best as the toy is small and bamboo has long unbroken strands of fiber, so no chip offs.

Second thought: You can use a pencil sharper to create the ends, this way the replica will look more finished.

Step 2: Fidgeting

You can

Roll it

Spin it

Flip it across your finger

And much more

I am having more fun with it than my kid.


Paint it black if you make one.

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