Worlds Smallest Potato Gun




Introduction: Worlds Smallest Potato Gun

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I have made a very small compact potato gun that is really powerful for it's size. I made it so it can shoot alot of different things like ; BB's, nerf dart, fireballs, small metal darts, big metal darts, and much more...

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    How did u make it

    Your potato gun is smaller than mine and that's pretty small.

    This website isn't youtube, where you post a video "how to build ..." and the video it's just the ... beeing used. At least give some instructions on how to build it. You have a cool project, but at least say how it's build.

    You really ought to write up a proper step-by-step on how you made this, then enter it in the laser cutter contest.

    OK cool would you follow me I like rollers despite I have none lol

    omg pleased make a instruct able on how to build plzz I love it I'm following (:!

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    Hi samsonsk, i will make a video on my youtube channel on how to make it when my video will have 80 likes :)