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Introduction: Worldwide Yule Log: Handmade Mobile App

Instructions for making your Worldwide Yule Log: Mobile App using the Drillteam Holiday Card.
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The World Wide Yule Log began shedding its LED glow of goodwill in November 2008.

In the midst of a spreading economic crisis Drillteam contemplated how to share at least a modicum of holiday cheer with friends, colleagues and clients. It struck us that what the world needed was a new tradition to warm itself by.

So we set-up a cardboard hearth in a corner of the office, hacked an LED sign and set-up a webcam to create a feedback loop of friendship for all to join. Our DIY, social media-ish, taking-the-piss-out-of-Twitter way of honoring the spirit of hometown TV station WPIX's former holiday tradition.

For 2009 we wanted to put a World Wide Yule Log on everyone's actual desk in addition to their "desktop." And raise some money for the important multi-problem solving work of the Darfur Stoves Project. Our way of re-focusing our DIY, social media-ish, taking-the-piss-out-of on the Mobile App Revolution. We hope it brings you a smile. Be careful with those scissors!

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Step 1:

With card closed cut "A" lines.

Step 2:

Open card, continue cutting  "A1" lines along sides of fireplace

Step 3:

Cut "B" line to make hearth opening

Step 4:

Fold "C" lines so fireplace sides are perpendicular to card

Step 5:

Bring "D" line up parallel with "E" line to form mantel

Step 6:

Roll-fold "E" flap onto itself to form triangle

Step 7:

Apply tape to hold triangle closed

Step 8:

Slide mobile device into World Wide Yule Log with screen facing through hearth.
Point mobile browser to

Step 9:

Bask in glow of good will.

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