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Introduction: Worli Painted Lamp

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Enlighten Your living room with this beautiful piece of art

Step 1: Requirement

all you need is :

handmade paper ( or any thick paper)


metal wire ( that can bend )


Step 2: Paint

make a rough sketch of a tree

and then paint it up as shown:)

Your base is ready

Step 3: Steps

Firstly ,

fold the paper from the sides and place the wire between it as shown on both the sides

secondly ,

put glue on the upper side and roll it to make a cylinder as shown

your lamp is ready

Step 4: TRY More Themes

Here you can see different paintings.

This is called worli art , Indian origin where people expressed their selves in easy paintings on walls , and with color from mud.

Generally we use brown color because of its origins .

You can use any color and paint various designs.

Here you can see a celebration , where a drummer and a dancer are shown.

Step 5: Light IT

place a holder in the lamp shade and glow it

Enlighten your room :))

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    6 years ago

    its sad u didn't get through the finals


    6 years ago

    its beautiful robojune