Wound FX Made With Glue!




Introduction: Wound FX Made With Glue!

Yes sir / madam. Now also you can make fake wounds upon your skin for various reasons.
Be you a Home movie maker with a low budget or a halloween party goer. This will suit you all!

You will need:

#Glue- The white stuff that is for hobby / woodworking / book binding. Comes in a bottle. Usually found in a hobby shop. When dry it becomes transparent.

#Make up- Be it lended (from your mom's/big sister/girlfriend) or your own. You need a skin tone to match your own and something that is red, fake blood is perfect, but if not red lipstick will do.

#Q-tips- I found them useful, but you can use something else to apply makeup...

Step 1: Begin...

Begin to apply the glue to the part of body you want to fake the wound on... I REALLY recommend that you shave that area. If any hairs there you will have world of hurt, its glue remember? just think what it will do...

The glue should be rubbed softly into the skin so you don't get spaces between pores or wrinkles, use more glue in the middle than on the sides. Then let dry.

Step 2: Let the Magic Begin...

Now, if its dry. Gently try to get a grip on the glue by pinching your skin and pull it up from the skin, but don't pull it all off. You might have to rapture the glue and roll hte edges to get this look. Looks like a blister exploded or perhaps someone spilled a few drops of acid in my face...

You might have to try a few times to get it right!

Step 3: Time to Color In.

Now I used a q-tip with some red lipstic on. It was what I had at hand. Preferebly a darker red/crimson is more suited. Careful to get under the fake glue skin layer too.

Step 4: Almoust Done.

The the skin toner. I used a fluid one.
The idea is to hide the glossy glue. mMake it more skin like.

Step 5: DONE!

There you have it, go try yourself.
The glue is also easy to take off. Looks really freaky if done right.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet tutorial. :)

    I have, perhaps, some aid for you? If you can get your hands on some liquid latex (you can pick up a small bottle on ebay for not very much at all. Sometimes it's called Liquid skin? And it's in halloween packages) paint that over your face quickly with a q-tip, and when it starts to go tacky you can touch the end of the q-tip to the layer of latex. It pulls away perfectly, and you can push some of the lipstick under the extra flap of skin. It also dries clear. :)

    Aside from that, your mothers make-up box is a treasure trove of wonders. If you're not happy with a colour, you can add a little eye-liner to it to make it darker. Or just use the eye-liner in the stick and draw etches lines on your face, then cover with the glue. With a little work it can look like you scuffed your cheek crawling from the grave. xD


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That is good advice, But mine is cheaper. :P And its what i had.

    Why not make a 'edibe to show your way, as a comparison. :-)
    Assuming you haven't that is.

    Thanks for great comment Akion.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    sounds like fun, I guess you could use Vaseline for puss?


    10 years ago on Introduction


    I need to get all diseased up and wander walmart for awhile, getting awkardly close to other shoppers...