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An example of how to use the swing

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Step 1: WoutDeprezSwing

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a portable swing for when you want to go out to your local forest and have fun.

What you will need:

- Strong rope (mine was 20m long and had a diameter of 6 cm)

- A wooden plank (I use a multiplex plank)

- A descenders figure eight (you can also use a standard metal ring)

- A quickdraw

The last two components can be found in every store that sells climbing materials.

Step 2: Making the Seat and Attachments

The first step is to cut out the seat. You can do this as you would like the shape doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you have four holes in each “corner” of your seat. My seat has a handle I did this cause it find it very useful to carry the swing around.

Step two is cutting your rope in different parts. You will need two pieces that are about 40 cm long. Then you will need to more pieces that are 1m20cm long.

Step three is to attach the smallest pieces of rope on either side of your seat. Just put the rope through the holes and tie a nod so it cant come back out.

Step 3: Making the Hanging System

When you did this you tie one side of the 1m pieces to the loop you just created. The other side you tie to the metal ring or eight.

Then you take the rest over rope which should be long enough to throw over a branch. And tie one side to the ring or to the other hole of the eight. On the other side of this rope you make a couple of loops in your rope.

To install the swing you attach the quickdraw to one of the loops and throw it over the branch. Then you decide how high the seat needs to be by choosing the loop that’s on the right height. Then attach the quickdraw to this loop and the ring or eight and you’re done.

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