Woven Paper Basket




Introduction: Woven Paper Basket

Decorative basket is woven in the chain crown method. Fun to use as a catchall or place a potted plant inside the basket.

Step 1: Materials for 12 Inch Diameter Basket

  • 60 pieces of paper 12’’ X 12”
  • 11 ½ “  diameter  circle of cardboard
  • Four 11 ½ “ diameter circles of paper
  • Tacky Craft Glue
  •  Paper cutter

Step 2: Cutting Instructions

Cut each of 59 sheets of paper into
  1. One  2” X 12” strip   
  2. Three  4” X 10” strips
Put 2” X 12” strip to the side and to use with weaving

Step 3: Folding Links for Chain

1.Take one 4” X 10” strip

a.With the white side up, fold it in half lengthwise

b.Then open

Step 4:

Bring in the 10” sides to the middle

Step 5: Folding Links for Chain

  1. And fold in half lengthwise
  2. Now you have a 1” by 10” piece of folded paper

Step 6: Folding Links

Next fold in half width-wise and open to long strip above

Step 7: Folding Links

Bring in the1" sides to the middle fold

Step 8: Folding

Fold down tight. This is called a link to the chain

Step 9: Making a Chain

  1. When you have two or three links you can start your chain of 44 links.
  2. Push one link through the other link (you've started a chain).
  3. Hold your chain so it is shaped like a "V".

Step 10: Neat Side of Link (underside Is Messy Side of Link)

  1. Look carefully at link #3; it should have a side with few folded papers visible.
  2. We call this side the neat side.
  3. Take the neat side of the link and turn it to the downside.
  4. Push the link through the left leg of the "V".

Step 11: Making Chains

  1. Repeat until there are 43 links to your chain.
  2. Make four of these 43 link chains.

Step 12: Making Crowns

  1. Using the 43 link chain we now make a crown.
  2. Now make a link #44 up to step #6.
  3. Turn and hold the chain so the left side creates a "V" with link 43.
  4. Put the two long legs of link 44 into the two holes on the neat side of link 43.
  5. Take the two long legs and continue to put them through the first link. Then fold and tuck the long legs into link 43 to hid the ends.
  6. Make four such crowns.

Step 13: Weaving the Crowns Together

  1.  Fold the 2" X 10" strips into half - lengthwise.
  2. Weave a 10"  long strip into one of each of the four crowns, continue into the next crown and so forth through all four crowns.
  3. Pull the10" strips down so there is no extra paper showing at the top leaving a long tail (about 3") at the bottom of the basket.
  4. Continue to weave the inside and outside of the basket with the 10" strips of paper until it is all covered with the strips.

Step 14: Attaching Cardboard Bottom

  1. Fold the 3-4 inch strip bottoms up so the inside strips go inside and the outside strips fold up outside the basket.
  2. Put glue one the inside bottom strips and attach to the  circle of cardboard
  3. Inside the basket push down on the glued strips

Step 15: Colored Circles for Bottom of Basket

  1. Put glue on the inside of the basket cardboard and attach one of the circle papers.
  2. Put glue on the outside bottom strips and attach to the bottom of the circle of cardboard.
  3. Outside the basket push down on the glued strips
  4. Put glue on the bottom of the cardboard and attach the other circle to the outside bottom of the basket

Step 16: Finish Line

Q.E.D. (Quite Easily Done)

Step 17: Information for 9 Inch Diameter Basket

  • 38 pieces of paper 12” X 12”
  • Step 1-Cut each page into four 3” X 7 ½” pieces and one 3” X 10” piece. (There will be some waste paper.)    
  •   Step 2-Put longer pieces of paper to the side and save                                                                                  
  • Step 3- Use 3” X 7 ½” strips of paper and proceed with instructions.   
  • Two 9” diameter circles of paper
  • One 9”diameter circle of cardboard

Step 18: Information for 6 Inch Diameter Basket

  • Bamboo Skewers and  Tweezers
  • 15 pieces of paper  12” X 12”
  • Step 1-Cut 11 pages into 2” X 5” strips of paper and cut 4 pages into 2” X 6” strips of paper.
  • Step 2-Put longer pieces of paper to the side and save until step 8. Step 3- Use 2” X 5” strips of paper and proceed with instructions.
  • One  6” diameter circle of cardboard for bottom of basket  use in steps 11-16
  • One  6” diameter circle of paper to cover outside bottom of basket  use in step 16
  • One 14 cm diameter circle to cover inside bottom of basket
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    gladys hannah
    gladys hannah

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    This is reminiscent of high school gum chains. I hope you make one.The nine inch diameter basket is the easiest to make.. Good Luck ! They are fun to make as presents for family & friends, too.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    AHA! Now I know how they make those cute little zipper pouches out of Mexican gum wrappers I always see in the Mission District...thanks!!!!!!