Wrap Presents With Pages From a Book



Introduction: Wrap Presents With Pages From a Book

I felt pretty guilty doing this, but out-of-date encyclopedias are pretty much worthless.  This was a book that was going into paper recycling anyway.

Anyway, the idea is to wrap presents with pages carefully removed from a book.  An older encyclopedia is a great donor book in that it looks old and classy, has interesting information printed on it, and sometimes has pictures as well.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

You will need the following:

1+ Donor Book (I wrapped all of my Christmas gifts using only this one book, but if you had more to wrap you'd need more.)
Scotch Tape

Scissors are optional, I don't think I actually used them at all.

Step 2:

Get the wrapping material out of the book.  The pages are bound to the book with glue and string in batches - if you can remove one batch at a time, you can get two pages worth of wrapping paper in one piece.  I think this will only work for hardcover books, but I may be mistaken.

Then peel the pages away from the batch, starting with the outside page.  You should see that you have two pages on one piece of paper.  Using these instead of tearing out individual pages halves the wrapping work.

Get a few of these separated pages ready.  You can always get more when you need them, but it's handy to have a stack to take from.

Anyway, the pictures tell a clearer story.

Step 3: Wrap

Wrap.  Really, whatever works best for you will work best for you.  There's generally not exactly the right amount of paper, so use extra pieces and make lots of overlap.  I taped approximately every page edge - six little pieces of tape per piece of paper - sometimes a little more.  Use however much you need to prevent people from being able to lift up a corner and peek inside.

I wrapped presents differing in size from a wallet to a box two feet on two sides.  It's a wrapping style that gets noticed, and it gives people waiting for presents something to read while waiting.

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