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Introduction: Wrapped Charm Bracelet

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This bracelet is perfect for any occasion.

Step 1: Materials

So to get started your going to need to get these materials:scissors, superglue,a blank bracelet, string and a cute charm.

Step 2: Super Gluing

So first get the bracelet and super glue one end of the string to ether sides of it, like shown in the pic.let the super glue dry completely before wrapping.

Step 3: Wrapping

So now your going to want to wrap the bracelet in a style that you choose, i'm doing just a normal zigzag wrap , but you can do otherwise if you want.

Step 4:

Stop wrapping in the middle of the bracelet, then add your charm. Now wrap the rest of the bracelet.

Step 5:

Now your going to want to super glue the end of the string to the end of the bracelet and let dry completely before wearing,enjoy!



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    I finished my bracer! I made it out of eva foam and paint. - Kyle

    4 replies

    I followed a pattern i got on DeviantArt. I Will try and send you it soon. I Can't right now because I'm on the phone and it won't Let me.

    No prob. I am currently working on my bracer for my Link costume. When it's done I will send a photo. I want to get it done by Halloween, but I am so lazy I don't know if I can do it. Luckily my sister is a big cosplayer, so she has been giving my advice and encouragement. Have you ever made a full costume before? I've done some individual props but never anything like this. :) - Kyle

    i have never made a full costume before, but i am going to make zelda's sword, my sister is a big cos-player to. she loves to make dresses from the edwardian time