Wrapped and Ready!

Introduction: Wrapped and Ready!

Learn to wrap a present like a pro!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

1) Wrapping Paper

2) Tape

3) Scissors

4) A gift box

5) Ribbon (optional)

Choose wrapping paper that suits the occasion and reflects the personality of the person receiving the gift! Gift giving is an opportunity to be creative and thoughtful.

Step 2: Estimation Station

Place the box on the roll of wrapping paper and estimate how much you will need to cover the box... If in doubt give yourself a little extra. You should have enough paper to cover the sides of the box as well.

Step 3: A Little Tape Goes a Long Way

After you've estimated how much paper you will need, use your scissors to cut the desired amount from the roll.

Using a small piece of tape, secure one side of the wrapping to the gift box.

Step 4: Meet at the Edge, Not in the Middle

Bring the non- taped paper to meet the opposite side of the gift box. Fold the paper so that it is the correct length to line up at the edge of the box, so the seam sits along the edge of the box. Secure with 1-2 pieces of tape.

Step 5: Time to Crease!

Run your thumb and forefinger along the edges of the paper, this creates a neater and more professional aesthetic.

Step 6: At the Ends

Fold either side of the paper in, tight against the box. Fold the paper so that it can be brought up neatly against the box.

Step 7: At the Ends

The paper on top should be pointing towards the bottom of the present. Fold the bottom paper neatly underneath, pulling it tightly against the gift box.

Step 8: At the Ends

You will need to fold the top paper so that it meets the edge of the box, and does not continue to the bottom of the present.

Step 9: Tape and Repeat

Secure the sides with a piece of tape, and repeat on the other side of the box.

Step 10: Wrapped and Ready!

If you wish to add a bow or other decorations, feel free! Be sure to crease all the edges of the box after you have finished the wrapping job. You're all set and ready to party!

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