Wrapping Gifts in Nesting Boxes

Introduction: Wrapping Gifts in Nesting Boxes

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If you want to surprise someone with a great gift, why not surprise him with the wrapping too.
Today I'll show you how to make this cleaver wrapping that will make your gift unforgettable.

It's perfect for a baby shower because you can gift the nesting boxes and something else, or for any other occasion just for fun.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Nesting boxes

Wrapping paper (a lot)



Twine or ribbon

A small gift

Step 2: Get the Nesting Boxes

I bough this set of nesting boxes at a garage sale, you can see they're a little wrecked but don't worry, that won't notice.

Check at a thrift store or maybe you already have some old ones.

Step 3: Begin Wrapping

Put the gift in the smallest box.

Wrap the box as always, the wrapping paper will cover also the opening of the box.

Tie the ribbon or twine and make a small bow. You can't do a lot of decorating on each box because they won't fit in the next box.

Put that wrapped box into the next one and wrap it too.

Every time you wrap a box do it with the hole facing upward. This way it'll be easy, and when you attach the ribbon, move the box so that the opening (now wrapped) is facing one side.

Continue until you complete wrapping all the boxes.

Step 4: Decorate the Last Box

You can add more decorations to the last box, like a big bow.

I made one with the same paper, just cut the shape shown in the picture, and fold it in three parts. Stick a small rectangle at the centre and make two "tails".

Stick the bow at the top and we're done.

Step 5: Have Fun

All that's left is see the face of your friend trying to get to his/her present and just finding boxes

It'll be hilarious if at the last box you left a funny note like:

"Oh yeah, I got your present in my pocket." Or

"Sorry, I forgot to buy you something, but I got some money in my wallet. "

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