Wrapping Oddly Shaped Christmas Gifts With One Piece of Tape

Introduction: Wrapping Oddly Shaped Christmas Gifts With One Piece of Tape

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In this instructable, i am going to teach you how to wrap a Christmas gift with one piece of tape.

This is really easy, and can be done with no effort. 

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

1) The gift
2) Wrapping paper
3) Tape
5) Plastic Grocery Store Bags (depending on the item)

Step 2: Initial Preperation

First your going to prepare your gift. Wrap it in the plastic grocery bags and then tape the bags after covering the gift so the bags dont go anywhere.

Step 3: Cutting the Wrapping Paper

Now its time to cut 2 diffrent lengths of paper. one is to make patches just in case the primary wrapping gets a hole, as well as to make your to/from tag (cuz i myself am too cheap to wanna go out and buy a set of tags) and for a crucial part of the wrpping later on. The second one should be twice the diameter of the gift your giving. you will see why in the next step.

Step 4: Starting the Wrap

Now your going to set the gift in the center of the BIG piece of wrapping paper you just cut. take the corners of the paper square and bring them up to each other as shown in the picture. this is what it should look like at this point. now twist the very tips of the corners together that way they are somewhat secure. Doing this forces the gift to settle in the "absolute" center of the paper.

Step 5: "Crimp" the Paper

Now your going to "crimp" the paper down quickly, easily, BUT GENTLY as shown (you dont wanna tear the paper and have to waste that much paper...a small tear is ok, and expected but thats what the plastic bags are for as well).

**NOTE: the gift in the picture is so tight it needs nothing extra to hold it closed.

Step 6: Secure the Gift

Now your going to make it so the gift cant be opened. cut a 12" long X 1/2" wide piece of wrapping paper out so you can secure the gift shut. Now take ONE piece if 1" long tape and split it in half. now take one end and tape it to the crinp in the gift. after you do thiscarefully wrap the strip around the crimp until you get to the end of the strip. now twist the strip around the crimp in a manner that tightens up the hold on the gift. but do so carefully as this step is a royal PITA. now use the other bit of tape and secure the strip so it doesnt move.

Step 7: Cut Off the Excess

Now figur out how much excess there is that you want to keep. then cut it off and fluff it up n make it look perty

Step 8: Make the Tag and Stick It On

Now make your tag and stick it on your gift. really you can stick it anywhere.

Step 9: Finished!!

Smile!! your finished...admire your hard word as long as you can before it gets torn to shreds!!!

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