Wrapping Paper Christmas Wreath

Introduction: Wrapping Paper Christmas Wreath

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My theme for Christmas this year is going to be “presents”, and this wrapping paper Christmas wreath fits the theme perfectly! It measures 20”.


Double sided wrapping paper (3 – 4 rolls, or however many designs you want)

Double stick tape

Glue gun

Cardboard (for a 12” circle)

Christmas bulbs

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Step 1: Cut Wrapping Paper

Cut wrapping paper into 6” wide strips.
From the strips of wrapping paper, you'll need 16 – 6” X 6” pieces and 16 – 4” X 6” pieces. Depending upon how tight you make the cone bottoms, you may need more. I made my bottoms open about a 1/2” rather than pointed.

Step 2: Form the Cones

Make cones from each wrapping paper piece. I added a piece of double stick tape on a corner, rolled it into a cone, removed the backing and sealed it. You can also use a hot glue gun, but I found this to be a lot easier.

Step 3: Secure Cones to Cardboard Backing

Cut a 12” cardboard circle. I used a leftover cake board I had laying around. Draw a 6” circle in the center. Arrange the 6” cones along the marked line and secure it to the cardboard with double stick tape or hot glue.

Arrange and then tape or glue the 4” cones in between the 6” cones.

Step 4: Add Christmas Bulbs and a Hanger

Hot glue a variety of Christmas bulbs in the center as desired.  
Determine where to apply a hanger, then punch a hole in the cardboard and add a wire hanger.
That's it!  Now you can find a special place to display your holiday wreath!
Happy Holidays

Step 5: Christmas Decorations

I was excited to use my paper wreaths as a part of my Christmas decorations.  Here's how they look.

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