Rejuvenating Oil for Wrinkled and Aging Skin

Introduction: Rejuvenating Oil for Wrinkled and Aging Skin

Having lost some weight over the last year, I found I required some skin toning on areas of my body, including the torso and legs, as the fat loss caused the surface of my skin to 'outgrow' the core within.

With some advice, and research, I found a good combination of oils which nourish the skin and help to encourage shrinkage. This isn't expected to be a quick solution, but for healthy skin, a gradual return to its former shape is desirable.

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Step 1: Essential Oils and Carrier Oil

Oils used, and some of their properties.

Carrot Seed - 80 drops

Among its many properties, the one most useful for skin is it's a Cytophylactic, that is it encourages the growth of new cell tissues. Warning: Use during pregnancy is discouraged.

Geranium - 20 drops

Geranium minimizes Inflammation and Improves Circulation.

Lavender - 20 drops

Lavender disinfects the skin, and is especially useful for fungal skin infections.

Chamomile - 20 drops

Chamomile helps diminish scars, blemishes and spots. It also helps reduce infections.

Rose - 5 drops

Astringent, helps tone and lift the skin. (And it gives a nice smell).


Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax extracted from a shrub which grows wild in the Americas (Simmondsia chinensis). It's properties closely resemble the natural sebum in our skin, making it a perfect natural conditioner and moisturizer.

Step 2: Use a Bottle or Jar for Your Mixture

This flip-top bottle is easy to open to use, and close, with one hand.

Step 3: Fill Bottle 3/4 With Your Carrier Oil

Leave enough space to add your essential oils and have room to mix.

Step 4: Add Essential Oils

Oil quantities I used. You can vary the amounts or even modify the ingredients to your liking.

Carrot Seed - 80 Drops

Geranium - 20 Drops

Lavender - 20 Drops

Chamomile - 20 drops

Rose - 5 drops

Step 5: Shake Well

Shake the bottle for about a minute, giving the oils a good blend.

Step 6: Label the Bottle

Write on your bottle (or use a label). Use a descriptive phrase, or something humorous.

"Granny's Old-Tyme Skin Oil" or something similar, if you wish.

You could even make a decorative label, then give it as a gift.

Step 7: Protect the Label

Oil will destroy labels (and permanent marker writing) quickly, so I wrapped the bottle with some clear packing tape for protection.

Step 8: Ready to Use

Now you're finished.

Suggested uses:

Place a small dollop of oil in the palm of your hand, and spread it over any dry or wrinkled skin.

Use it sparingly on your face.

It can be used on stretch marks and saggy skin.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Very nice! Please encourage anyone new to essential oils to make sure they research them very well before using because some interact with medications and can't be used by pregnant women, people with epilepsy, etc. Also to research what percentage to not go over for which eo and formulation. Many of the eo companies nowdays encourage unsafe practices so we must make sure to encourage their safety when we can. Never know who you may help that has been given the wrong advice about using them. <3


    Reply 3 years ago

    Good advice.
    I'll incorporate that knowledge into an edit very soon.
    I had thought of adding that advice already, but forgot in the heat of the moment. My time has been stretched a bit, from trying to make a couple dozen Instructables in two weeks. I just found out about this contest a couple weeks ago. I'd never made an Instructable until just about a week ago. I've posted 10 so far... Phew. I don't know how some of you do it. ;)