Wrist Garotte (Choker)

Introduction: Wrist Garotte (Choker)

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To be a deadly assassin, you need to make sure you have the right tools. One of the best and classic tools is the Garotte. I didn't know what one was until I saw one on the James Bond movie "To Russia With Love". As soon as I had seen it I wanted one. My dad had an idea to make one out of a retractable key chain which turned into this 'ible.

This is a really simple Instructable which anyone can make. The great ting is the key chain chord is wire so it really is like a real Garotte. I'm also thinking about sticking a watch on top of it so it really is like the James Bond one I saw.

Just be careful if you do make one as it really could choke someone and assassins only kill evil dudes.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

The list is short as you only need 2 things

1. Velcro

2. Retractable key chain - eBay


1. Scissors

2. Phillips Head

Step 2: Removing the Belt Clip


1. Grab a Phillips head and remove the screw holding the belt clip on

2. make sure you don't lose the screw as you will need it later.

3. You won't need the belt clip so you can throw that away

Step 3: Making the Velcro Strap


1. Get 2 pieces of Velcro and measure out so it wraps around your wrist about 1 1/2 times.

2. Cut the Velcro to the length you want and stick the 2 backs together

3. In the middle make a hole for the screw to go into

Step 4: Adding the Key Chain to the Strap


1. Screw the screw back into the key chain. Make sure that the key chain is on top of the rough part of the velco or it will be very uncomfortable.

2. Wrap the velcro around your wrist

3. You are now a deadly assassin

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