Wrist Mounted Survival Gear

Introduction: Wrist Mounted Survival Gear

Ever felt like being a superhero ? Or perhaps a survivor of a catastrophic event. Well, this device is that one thing that might save you one day. Introducing the W.M.S.G . This device is more than just a 6 in 1 multitool. It is light, compact, durable and does not restrict movement. Best thing about this gadget is that it is wrist mounted and is easily accessible. Without any further explanation, let's dive right into it.

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Step 1: Exterior

The outer section of this device is fitted with two things.

1) A super bright LED that is powered by a button cell battery hidden underneath this device. To turn it on, simply push the switch opposite to the LED facing you.

2) A high percision compass. Nothing much to say. This is just an ordinary compass with magnetic shielding which deflects any magnetic waves to reduce chances of disrupting the readings of the compass needle.

Step 2: Interior

The interior of this device houses 4 highly useful items

1) A further sanded blade wrapped with duct tape.

2) A small and compact roll of duct tape.

3) Matches

4) Multi purpose nylon string ( good for fishing)

Step 3: How to Actually Make It

This gadget is made of aluminium and to make this device, no fancy tools are necessary.The step by step process of this device will be shown if at least 5 people ask for a diy in the comments section not because I like keeping in the suspense sbut because I think it will be too long to put in one same instructable. Anyway , please like and vote this since it is my first instructable and I would very much apperciate your help.

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    Please post the steps i'd love to know how to make this/my own adapted version


    3 years ago

    Sure post the steps, I'm a fellow fan of wrist mounted gadgetry, so the more that's posted the merrier I say. https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Personal-AC-Phone-Booster/

    Also if for your next iteration, you want to use a 3D printed ABS shell, like my latest one, let me know and I will give you one free print up to 8" tall. https://www.instructables.com/id/Off-Grid-Comm-Hub-With-Geiger-Counter-Flashlights-/