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Recently I have started to go running. My running tights have a back pocket with zipper. But if I put on a different pair of sports trousers then I have to go with the tie key on shoelace method and I find that very tedious as I always tie my shoes before leaving the house, only to remember that I need to lock up when I stand outside.

So I thought a wrist wallet would be a good idea. This is a quick and easy version. It is made of one rectangular piece of fabric and straight zigzag stitches.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Stretchy fabric (I chose a polyester fabric with a thin fleece lining, which I chose to be on the outside instead of the inside. This makes it more comfortable to wear)

  • A sewing machine & thread

  • A pair of scissors & measuring tape

Step 2: Prepare Fabric

First you need to cut out a rectangle.

The short side should be the one that can be streched the most and should be as long as the circumference of your wrist.

The long side should be approximatly three times the length of the object you want to put into the wallet. Leave it a bit longer if you are worried that it won't be enough (that is what I did).

Step 3: Sew

You need to sew four straight lines.

Start by flipping over 1cm of fabric on the short side and sew a zigzag line straight across.

Then flip over the edge once more, this time so far that your object (for example key) is covered about 3/4. And sew along the edge.

The next part is the backside. This needs to be as long as your object. Fold your fabric at this point and sew your third line.

The last line is again a fold about 1cm from the edge.

Now fold the outside flaps inward and fold the whole thing in the middle (of the short side, that is now the longer one). Be sure that the side that you want to face outward later on is now on the inside. And then sew a straight line along the open edge.

Turn your fabric over and you are done.

Step 4: Finishing

Now you can decorate it if you wish (I hand stitched the heart on the front side) and start wearing it.

The stretchy fabric holds the key in place really well, so I am happy :)

I hope you like it too and and I am looking foreward to seeing your versions of my wrist wallet!

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    11 months ago

    Thank you so much! For the pat 4 years I’ve used a wallet like this that I purchased from some sport store. Well since I bought it the store stopped selling them, and I have since not been able to find a new one since it broke down. So I was planning to make one and your tutorial will
    Let me do just that! Thank you!!!!


    3 years ago

    This is a super great ideal. Thanks for sharing.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is on my to do list. I've been buying these for $15 to $20 a pop. I can now make these for a fraction of the cost and with material I have embellished. Some interesting holiday gifts this year! Thanks.

    1 reply

    Thank you!

    I am going to make a few different ones soon. My boyfriend wants one that is big enough to hold an id-card.

    And one for everyday wear would be great as well, as girl trousers often have small or no pockets.