Wrist Watch From Used Items




Introduction: Wrist Watch From Used Items

Build something nice!

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Step 1: Try to Find Something Useful

First of all, I wanted to build something special. I have a nice collection from wrist watches, but I always try to create something unique.

My friend told me few years ago," Who is the crazy guy who install a gauge scale to the wristwatch?" I am!

Few years ago I have found the base on the second hand market. The price was 2 USD, really!

Nice replica with one of my favorite manufacturer, Real one can't be accessed unfortunatelly.

When I cleaned it up, the movement were alived for an hour. I did not care, only the case was important.

The mission was clear, I would use this.....

Step 2: Pressure Gauge From Trash

I have found one manometer in the second hand market on the bottom of a metal box last year.

Arm was bended, but who cares!

There were a hand painted scale numbers and units from the analog ages!

Step 3: Without a Watch Glass, No Step Toward

Project was in a quiet phase for few months. I have not found an appropriate glass.

And suddenly when I was reading an article of Watch magazin, about Rolex, they built a submerged recorder watch. Deep Sea Special. Date was 1960. The design came out from my mind

I tried to find a fit doom in our household.

When I was a child, before Video tapes and DVD films appeared, we used the slide-projector.

Nowadays, I read fairytales to my kids with latest led light edition.

There was a projector with bad bulb, but lenses were in perfect condition.

I removed a half lense and the external diameter was prefectly fit to my case, amazing!.

Step 4: Painting, Painting, Painting Or......

The watch was brass material or silver color in my mind.

I tried to paint with brass spray, but results was awfull, it looked like a christmas tree ornament.....

Let's see the silver, no good. Too close to aluminium. Results in the picture.

I have decided to remove the original damaged chrome plating with sand paper. Results is nice for me, primary layer looks a mix of brass and sea errosion.

After the cleaning, I sprayed with acrylic lacquer only, The back is unpainted, it is stainless steel.

Step 5: Visible Movement Is the Key

The movement is a crucial part, If the shaft is not long enough for arms.

Scale is too thick, there is only chance to build a quartz heart to the case using one seconds arm.

I need to find a different scale for the mechanical movement version.

Right hand version is also part of the story.

Step 6: Ready, But Not the Latest One

Next step is too install gaskets and o-ring to survive swimming and fun with my family.

When we play in the swimming pool, it will be great to measure, how long we will hold his/her breath.

Polish the back and back glass with more elegant frame are parts of the mission.

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    3 Discussions


    3 days ago

    That is just too awesome, I love big watches but they have to be heavy as well. If not heavy enough to knock someone or something out if I have to then not the watch for me, great design


    10 days ago

    Wow! That's super cool!
    For the actual mechanism of the watch, were you planning on repurposing an old quartz from another watch?
    Really like the look! \(^0^)/


    Reply 5 days ago

    Yes,with durable Miyota movement