Introduction: WristPort

I don't have a 3D printer so i can not print this, if you have a problem make me know, and i will fix it.

Did you ever lose your phone?, well with this simple desing you will have to lose your arm first.

With the WristPort, you will carry your phone in your arm.

Bassically this project has all the parts you need, but you know that almost every phones are differents. So this project comes with pre made Samsung s5 case, Iphone 6 case, and Xperia Z3 case. If you don´t have any of these phones you will have to search for a 3D model of you case( or do it), and add the extra legos that i put in the files. You can use your favorite 3D Modeling Program.

This are the parts that you need to print:


-Rings(3, Top middle left. the dimensions are slightly different among them. You have to print them with "NinjaFlex")

-Top-Bottom(The things that mantain everything in his place)

-Cases(Samsung s5, Iphone 6, and Xperia Z3)

-ExtraLegos (Because the cases are different for every phone, you need to search for a case and add these legos, they are at the exact distance you need. Don't Move!.)

The files are in a "thingiverse.com" model that i will put at the end.

Step 1: Assembling

If you are too bad resolving simple puzzles (if you can consider this as a puzzle), just follow the images.

1-Insert the axis among the rings.

2-use the Top-Bottom covers to finish the job.

3-The only thing left is put the case.

Step 2: That's All, I Hope You Like It.

For all the files clickhere.

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