Wristers Fingerless Mittens


Introduction: Wristers Fingerless Mittens

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I knit these wristers (fingerless mittens) after looking for a pattern and not finding one that I really loved; so I decided to design my own. They work up quickly on double pointed needles (so no seams to sew), and are great for outdoor chores, keeping hands warm while working at the computer, or any time you want warm hands but need to be able to use your fingers. Because of the ribbing pattern they stretch to fit just about anyone. I can easily adjust the needle size to make them smaller or larger, or add extra rows to make them longer at the cuff or the fingertips. A friend had given me some Red Heart yarn, so that's what I used to test the pattern and make the ones shown in these photos, but the pattern would work with just about any yarn. I'm also a handspinner, so last week I made an over sized pair with my own 100% wool hand spun yarn and felted them in my washing machine. They came out nice but I'm planning on tweaking the pattern just a bit so they'll be a little longer after felting.



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    This pattern is just what I have been looking for as i work at a computer all day and the hands get cold. I would really appreciate a copy of the pattern.

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    Hi Helene47! I sent you a pm, just email me at sniparts at gmail dot com and I'll share the pattern with you :)

    Hello my name is Azariah and I hail from New Zealand. May I ask if you would share your pattern with me. The gloves are very cool and my teen loves them. Thank You, Azariah.Millz@xtra.co.nz


    I love your gloves!!
    may I email you too please!!!
    I´d like the pattern too... =)

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    Hi Anna9 - I'm happy to share the pattern. Email me at sniparts at gmail dot com :)

    Any chance in sharing the pattern? These are marvelous and simple too. I've been looking all over the internet for something just like these, finally found yours, now need to start knitting!!

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    Hi pdxforney, I'd be happy to share the pattern, just email me at my user name (sniparts) @gmail.com :)

    I would love to make a pair to wear while typing! If you wanted to share your pattern I'd certainly use it. ;)

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    I made the same thing! I didn't like the patterns in all the books either...I wanted something fast and easy so I left off the fingers just the way you did. My husband loves them also for driving gloves. One size does fit all with the K1 P1 ribbing. I gave you a plus sign!!!

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    Great minds think alike! lol! Everyone I've given these to has loved them, and I already have a list of people who want me to make them a pair. :) Thanks for the +!


    These are seriously REALLY cool, I wish I had a black and blue one, (like combined) that would be AWESOME!
    Nice job!

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