Wristlets From Socks in 3 Minutes




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I find that my hands are usually colder than my feet... I can wear boots on my feet, but I have to have my hands out to do things.  And when I have a fun pair of socks I often want to show them off in a more visible way.  This really does take no more than three minutes.

Any kind of socks will do, unless they are so small they won't fit on your hands... but of course you can test this before starting.

Step 1: Stitch Up the Heel

Turn your socks inside out.  Pinch out the heel area, crosswise, so that the rest of the sock forms a straight tube.  Serge or sew across it.  No more heel!

Step 2: Cut Off the Toe

Snip!  Serge around the new hole at the toe end of the sock, or zigzag if you have a regular machine.  Make sure to stretch as you go so the tube is not too tight to fit over your hands.

You can also just leave it raw; the edges may unravel some or they may not, depending on how the sock is knitted and how worn it is.

Step 3: Done!

Turn the tubes right-side out and slide them on!  I like to put the old toe ends on first so the ankle part is closer to my hands and shows more.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing. I so understand about the hands getting cold. I like being able to do things with my hands and gloves are not always functional. Woot! I will definitely do this! <3


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i've been making those for years, long sleeve, short sleeve, wristlet depending on the length of the sock.  because my knuckles get cold i always cut a thumb slot (paralel to the sock length.  i can roll the end of the sock down like fingerless gloves or fold them up so my fingers are completly uncoverd, or pop out my thumb so my whole hand is free.
    being a mush i made to sets in different colors, my wife and i wear the same color on our hand-holding hands and the other color on our outside arms.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Aw that sounds really cute!  Got any pics?

    About the thumb slot, I thought of that but feared it would cause a run.  Do you find that to be a problem or not?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    the slot runs lengthwise and i bind the edge with a contrasting color of fuzzy-fuzzy yarn,  the fuzz fills the hole when my thumbs not in it so there's no cold spot.