Ws2811 LED Display





how to build your own led display by led Strips ws2811b

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Step 1:

Thing you need



you need nearly 40m.

3-some of wire

4-power supply 40a 5v

5-piece of wood or flexible Curtain

I used caboon.

6- shrink

Step 2:

I used 51x40 will become 2040 rgb led ws2811 that mean use every port 1020+1020 i want to make 1024+1024

64x32 but i have to do this to put in my workshop in crtical size

stick all strip but you have to attention to (data in) and (data out) in strip

Step 3:

now you must solder ground to ground and positive to positive and make sure you don't wrong with data input and out i search in the internet to schematic for wiring ws2811 but i don't find it i make simple circuit look to image

Step 4: Program

set program like image and write what you want load image video like you want

we done

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    1 year ago

    Insufficient info for Novice! How to get parts; what connects to what? Link needed for PARTS!?

    2 replies
    Poppy Ann2design

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Do you always complain when someone has taken the time to help others just because there was not enough information to show you item by item so you didn't have to do any work yourself, instructables is here to help people who are willing to find the information and do the work whilst learning new skills it's not hear to do everything for you.
    regards Poppy Ann.

    Poppy Ann

    6 weeks ago

    Hi there, many thanks for the work you put into this instructable I have been thinking of making a sign for the back of my car so I can say thanks when people let me out I was at first just going to make a fixed sign that I could switch on and off but after seeing your instructable I have decided to make one that I can program to show different signs and pictures like pumpkins or Christmas trees etc, if you could put up how you programmed your controller as I have never used one before even if it is just a list of links where people could find the information for themselves.

    again many thanks
    regards Poppy Ann.


    1 year ago

    Very nice project. It will be great if you add some more videos uploading images and videos

    1 reply