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Why X solar charger? First of all, solar energy is renewable and sustainable, while solar panel provides pollution-free power sources and affords new levels of independence to energy consumers. With the 3D printed cool phone holder, and your own designed colorful Lego piece support, you will be able to adjust the panel according to different degrees of sunlight at different time of the day!

The technology I used on solar charger is adopted from crashzoom. Here is his instructables for Solar Charger: https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-charger-2/?A...

And for the panel holder part, I got motivation from OpenSourceClassroom. Here is the link to his project Solar Powered Stereo v2 on Thingiverse:


What you'll need:

1) Solar panel $15

2) Adjustable Boost Converter Charger Module $5

3) Electrical Wires

4) USB female cable

5) portable USB charger

7) 3D print material

8) Lego pieces (as many as you want!)

9) multi headed charging adapter

10) thin stick (can be any material)

11) bolts and nuts

optional: 12) Sugru


1) Plier

2) Soldering iron

3) Hot glue gun

4) Tweezers

5) Voltmeter

6) Duct tape

7) 3D printer

Step 1: 3D Print the Phone Holder/ Panel Support

Download the files and 3D print them... They are already set in correct size.

Step 2: Attaching Wires

Cut USB side of the USB type 2 cable, connect red wire with the red alligator clip, black one with black clip.

Cover it with the electric tape.

(The input of the solar panel does not matter because the potable charger will convert the voltage to the correct volume).

Step 3:

Use Sugru or hot glue to connect panel supports to the solar panel. And the two holders to the stick. DO NOT glue the cover on!

Use bolts and nuts to connect the cover to the phone housing. I drilled a hole on the cover for the USB wire so it will fit better.

Step 4: Lego!

Depends on the weight and size of the solar panel, it need support from behind. This is just an example of my design, which is able to twirl and allow the panel adjust to different angles. You can also change the degrees of the panel by simply adding or removing lego pieces. And of course, colors are all by your choice! Be creative!



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    3 years ago

    I just opened up that exact solar panel which was not working. The soldering inside is horrible


    3 years ago

    This is so great! I love to see solar projects!

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