X Marks the Spot: Fingerless Gloves

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Besides making you looking generally badass/superhero, fingerless gloves are perfect for driving, photography, or any activity where you want full use of fingers while still keeping your hands toasty warm! 

This my basic pattern for fingerless gloves. Knit flat, the only real skills required are Knit (K), Purl (P), how to Increase (Inc) and add colors. 
For a solid colored glove simply ignore the color instructions. 

Also, this is my first published knitting pattern, so let me know if you have any problems with following this. 

You will need:
1 ball heather-gray yarn (I used Paton's %100 wool, they have it at almost any craft store)
1 ball red yarn
U.S size 5 needles
1 yarn needle

Step 1: Cast On

Cast on (CO) Gray yarn 38 stitches (st) (for a men's size or larger hand up to 43)
Row 1. K
Row 2. P
Row 3. K
Row 4. P
Row 5. K

Step 2: X Factor

The X:
Row 6.    P 6 gray st, CO 2 Red st, 9 gray, 2 red, gray to end of row.  (for Left hand: start with 19 gray stitches instead of 6)
Row 7.    K 6 gray st, 3 red st, 7 gray, 3 red, gray to end.                       
Row 8.    P 7 gray, 3 red, 5 gray, 3 red, gray to end.                                
Row 9.    K 8 gray, 3 red, 3 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 10.  P 9 gray, 3 red, 1 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 11. K 10 gray, 5 red, gray to end.
Row 12. P 11 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 13. K 10 gray, 5 red, gray to end.
Row 14. P 9 gray, 3 red, 1 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 15. K 8 gray, 3 red, 3 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 16. P 7 gray, 3 red, 5 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 17. K 6 gray, 3 red, 7 gray, 3 red, gray to end.
Row 18. P 6 gray, 2 red, 9 gray, 2 red, gray to end.  Cut off red yarn, leaving a long tail.

Step 3: Increasing the Hand

Row 19. K 2, Increase (Inc) 1, K 34, Inc 1, K  2.
Row 20. P
Row 21. K
Row 22. P 2, Inc 1, P 36, Inc 1, P2.
Row 23. K
Row 24. P
Row 25. K 2, Inc 1, K 38, Inc 1, K 2.

Step 4: Thumbs Up

Row 26. P full row, CO 5 stitches.
Row 27. K full row, CO 5 stitches.
Row 28. P
Row 29. K
Row 30. P
Row 31. K
Row 32. P
Row 33. K
Row 34. P
Row 35. K
Row 36. P 
Row 37. K
Row 38. P
Row 39. CO 7 stitches, K to end.
Row 40. CO 7 stitches, P to end.

Step 5: Red Stripe

Row 41. K
Row 42. P
Row 43. K 
Row 44. P
Row 45. K Red full row.
Row 46. P red full row. Cut off red leaving long tail.
Row 47. K Gray full row.
Row 48. P
Row 49. K
Row 50. Cast off!

So now that you're done with the knitting, sew the extra tails of yarn into back of the glove so they don't get in the way and are secured a bit.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Sew up the sides of the gloves with the gray yarn (or red if you like the contrast), starting at the top and working down to the thumb.
At the bottom of the thumb secure the thread and work down to the wrist. You might want to try it on about halfway to make sure it fits.
Since this is knit in Stockinette it will stretch,but if it feels tight, you can leave it half way secure, and add ribbon/string/shoelaces to make it lace up.

Step 7: Rock Out!

 Put on the loudest music in your itunes library and do your best air guitar riffs / Save the universe from evil with your superhuman power-punch! 




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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These looks great! 38 stitches sonds like it would be too big for my hands though. Usually 24 stitches is a close-fitting glove for me. Would this pattern work for my hands or should I try to modify it for myself? I don't know if I have the experience to do that though.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the Instructable. I used to knit, but I'm very out of practice. Hopefully these will help me get back into it. I will definitely be making them!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great easy pattern to follow, thanks. I have arthritis in my hands and can't use the double pointed needles efficiently any longer so this pattern will be easier on my hands. I have been looking for a easy an easy pattern for the last few days!