X525 Diy Quadcopter Mod





Introduction: X525 Diy Quadcopter Mod

to do the x525 mod ive used an old cleaned computer mother board

Step 1: Mark How You Will Cut

i did an mold with paper, than cutted the board with the dremel

Step 2: Gopro Part Almost Finished

after cut, you just need to see if fit than paint

Step 3: Battery Part

and the battery part i did the same like this

Step 4: Finish

when i finished stayed like this



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    3 Discussions

    HI! I have had the exact same quad for 2 years. HOW DID YOU GET IT TO FLY?

    It's controller just scarmbled. two of the motors span up full speed, the other two did practically nothing...

    2 replies

    i never flyed this sh*t, the control board is horrible , if you have the kk5,5 too, change this cuz you will never be able to fly with this, did you tryed programming the esks? and the throttle, my quad works perfect but the roll is inverted and i cant fix

    The control board is past useless... I don't know what the KK5,5 is thow...

    I haven't tried programming the ESK... But I am trying to program my MEGA to control it... I'll be sure to send you a copy if I get it right!