X86 Knex Beginner Handheld Minigat

Introduction: X86 Knex Beginner Handheld Minigat

This is a quite easy to make knex machine gun. You can hold it with one hand, or with two. It fires only eight bullets but, as aforementioned, it is a beginner machine gun.

V1.0: A small handheld minigun
V1.1 An Even Smaller MG


Piece Count:
66 Gray 1-Slot Connectors
29 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
21 Blue 3D Connectors
1 Motor Pack
26 White Rods
17 Yellow Rods
28 Orange 1-Slot Connectors
40 Blue Rods
9 Red 3-Slot Connectors
5 Green 4-Slot Connectors
3 Red Rods
26 Blue Spacers
18 Silver Spacers
2 Brown Tabbed Connectors
18 Gray 2-Slot Connectors
1 Gray/Black Rod
2 White 8-Slot Connector
Total: 334 Pieces

(Piece Count May Be A Bit Off)

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Step 1: The Handle

This is a Long Step
9 Red 3-slot connectors
18 Gray Connectors
4 Yellow Rods
2 White 8-slot connectors
10 Blue 3D Connectors
8 blue spacers
10 White rods
8 Blue Rods
2 Orange connectors
5 Green 4-Slot Connetors
5 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
2 Gray 2-Slot Connectors
Total: 83 pieces!

Step 2: The Motor House

A short step that houses the motor for the Gun.

1 Motor
10 White Rods
10 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
2 White Connectors
8 Green Rods
8 Gray Connectors
2 Yellow Rods
2 Silver Spacers
2 Blue Spacers
4 Blue Rods
Total: 49 pieces

Step 3: The Barrel

This Is a Very long Step. In this step, you will build the part of the gun that fires.

17 Green Rods
16 Gray 2-slot Connectors
40 Gray Connectors
16 Blue Rods
25 Orange Connectors
2 Brown Tabbed Connectors
8 Blue Spacers
16 Silver Spacers
2 White Connectors
1 White Rod
1 Black/Gray Rod
1 Yellow Connector
8 yellow Rods
Total: 143 Pieces

Step 4: Support Parts

This Part supports the barrel of the gun

5 White rods
13 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
11 Blue 3D Connectors
12 Blue Rods
11Green Rods
3 Yellow Rods
1 Orange Connector
3 Red Rods
Total: 59

Step 5: Attach All Parts

Attach Parts 1-4

Step 6: Firing and Use

To Fire, Press (one) to the (YOUR) LEFT
Hold(Two) in Your Hand, Or also put your other hand on (Three) or (Four)
And Your gun is firing.

To Reload, pull back the orange connector, possibly place theBlue Rod Into position, unless it automatically snaps in. Then place a White rod into the barrel.

Step 7: Really Small MG

These Pics show you how to Modify the gun to make it even smaller
There are 3 upgrades: the barrel hitters, A "Stand", and of course, smaller

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    3 years ago

    I was struggling with designing a gatling gun, but this helps, ALOT! thanks for the inspiration, if i publish a gatling gun, be expecting me to give you credit

    (YOUR N
    (YOUR N

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey I-am-canadian that gun is awesome how on
    Earth did you make it (can I steal it plz)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I made it from the blueprints in my mind.

    And yes, rip it off all you want.

    (YOUR N
    (YOUR N

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey dudes if any 1s wandering the persone in
    The pic is Billie Joe Armstrong from green day


    12 years ago on Introduction

    i would be extra impressed and happy if someone cud make a machinegun without using a bloody motor.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I-AM-CANADIAN POST IT PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!! (ur minigat)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    dude thiz gun iz well kool! ive got 2 hand it 2 u your a great knex builder!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Im making a handheld gatling gun that is going to make this gun look like TRASH! But this gun is pretty good!