Xbox One Kinect Privacy Blocker

Introduction: Xbox One Kinect Privacy Blocker

I for one did not want (Microsoft /NSA) watching me when I didn't want it to.  We've all watched 2001 space Odyssey, who needs a HAL 9000 watching them all the time. Here is my simple Kinect 2.0 privacy blocker.  Corny or not it does the job. 


Xbox One Kinect 2.0
Spritz Foam Pirate Eye Patch Favors
Some beers

just strap the patch onto the left side to cover the camera.

Step 1: Result

so seems that covering the camera doesn't block it from recognizing you and logging you into xbox live, so unless ur broadcasting yourself or using Skype keeping the eye patch on doesn't impeded on any functionality. you can see in the pic it tracks me but doesn't film me.



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    Why not just unplug the Kinect when your not using it?

    How about just dont buy an Xbox? Building your own gaming PC can be fun and NSA free!