XBox 360 Mini Stand

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In my home entertainment setup I have a macbook pro 17" on which i run Boxxee. It as a lot of "umbilical cords" hanging out of its sides...DVI, digital audio out, ethernet and power. This makes it so wide it needs to be on top.

Nothing can go on top of my AV receiver because it gets so hot and needs the space above it to breathe. The same is pretty much true of the XBox 360. But, given that the XBox is smaller its easier to make a stand for it to hold something above it.

Funnily enough, no-one makes an XBox 360 stand which covers the box when its lying horizontally and allows you to put something on top without covering the air vents...Oh well, i suppose I'll just have to make my own.

I designed this simple mini stand in Sketchup, exported it to an SVG file, then had it laser cut by Ponoko. The legs are shaped like controllers, but the scale is reduced down to about 90% so the stand is just tall and wide enough to clear the top and sides of the XBox. This lets air circulate through the vents in the box AND you can put other AV equipment on top if you need to. Sorted!

Here are direct links to the design files in github:

All the source is available in my Accessories repo on GitHub



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool! I think I could make one with minor adjustments, I believe ur xbox needs minimum 6 inches of space all around (except the bottom of course) so heat can expel and dissapade into the air.

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    Ya, this stand doesn't have that much clearance. It has about 1cm clearance on each side.

    In case you downloaded the SVG file. I recently updated a design error in it. Please download the one that's published now.

    I see what you mean, it's a great job you did non the less and I'm sure you'll perfect it and I'll make sure to see your next 'ible on it