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I love the warmth oil lanterns bring. I think its great to use for a Christmas decoration because it balances the snowy and cold picture you see these days out the window.

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Step 1: Materials

Wood crate

Old oil lamp

Pine tree branch (real or fake)


20 LED starry string lights with battery

6 inches of thick flexible wire


Step 2: Oil Lamp

First of all clean your lantern. This kind of old lanterns are very easy to find at thrift stores or garage sales.

Cut the candle if necessary to fit inside the oil lantern.

Step 3: Pine Branch

Bend the pine tree branch to shape it in an "S" shape, with the first curve smaller than the second.

Place it at one side of your crate and hold it with the wire and pliers to the back of the crate.

Step 4: Lights

Place the lights rolling them around the branch starting with the end of the string.

Hold the battery box with the wire so it stays out of sight and at hand to turn them on and off.

Step 5: Ready!

You can use some double sided tape to adhere the lantern to the crate to make it more secure.

Light up the candle and put it somewhere you can see it constantly!

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    2 years ago

    Absolutely astonishing!
    Going to make one as soon as I find an Oil Lamp