XYZ 3D Printer

Introduction: XYZ 3D Printer

When I received my new $500. XYZ 3D Printer, I already new the printer quality was good. I skimmed the instructions and plugged her in and after initializing the home screen, the printhead traveled back and stopped, making an awful noise of belt grinding horror. My brand new printer didn't know where "home" was.

Not willing to package the whole thing up and send it back, I googled a 3D printer forum with my issue and received instructions on a possible fix. Adjust the "X" belt to allow the printhead to travel far enough back for the limit switch to be activated.

Now several months into the glorious world of 3D printing, I sent up my printer and left the room, and unfortunately allowed my poor printer to spend several minutes jammed against a previous build I had failed to remove. Dreaded XYZ printer error #0030.

Again I went to the web, and was sad to see this error was very common and causing lots of frustration.

In most cases, it turns out to be a easy fix.

Step 1: Locate the Limit Switch

First let's make sure the limit switch is the problem.

It is located on the left side, rear, at the end of the pulley. Move the printhead to the back right "Home" position and see if the trolley is able to engage the limit switch. If the trolley stops short of engaging the switch, the fix is near.

If you want to test your limit switch, you can insert an flat object between the sensors, power up and the printhead shouldn't move on that axis. (***please be very careful because the printhead can travel on the alternate "Y" axis and into your fingers causing damage to both you and your printer***)

Step 2: Remove Right Side Cover

Make sure the power is off and you have a stable, well lighted work space.

Open the top lid, this allows you better access to the panel clips. Using a flat tool, carefully pry up on the cover around the snap clips. Go slow, work around to from back to front and it will soon pop free. (my favorite tool in a butter knife)

Step 3: Adjust Right Side Drive Belt

From the outside, loosen the two torx screws circled in red.

Step 4: Finding the Home Position

Then from the inside, carefully depress and remove the spring. This will free up the "X" axis belt. Slowly press the printhead into the HOME position. (back and to the right. From the top, you can see the frame is cut away)

Step 5: Replace & Secure

Remove any slack out of the belt, by pulling it toward the front.

From the outside, tighten the torx screws.

From the inside, replace the spring, making sure the the ends are secure on the appropriate knobs.

Replace the side cover, placing the bottom in first and rotate the top in place.

Step 6: Step 5. Power Up Printer

Make sure the printhead cycles into it's HOME position without any belt chatter or slippage.

I welcome any feedback. Thanks for reading.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing this experience troubleshooting your 3D printer. Great job on your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future.