Xacto Tool With Secret Compartment

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Have you ever wanted to stash something in plain sight. This instructable is good for keeping blue prints, messages or even money. This is a instructable I made for the secret compartment contest so please vote and comment.


Step 1: Materials

You need
●Xacto knife
●Copper wire
●Wire cutters
●Soldering iron
●Hot glue gun

Step 2:

Heat the soldering iron and hot glue gun up , and unscrew the blade frome the knife.

Step 3:

Press the tip of the soldering iron into the blade clamp. then smash the end on a piece of metal and trim all melted edges.

Step 4:

cut a 4 inch piece of wire and put drop of hot glue in the clamps hole then push the wire in.

Step 5:

now roll the message or money on the wire and bend the end back. Then fit it into the Xacto knife.

Step 6: Done

Your done, comment and vote plz, thx for reading.



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