Xbox 12 Volt Fan Mod

Introduction: Xbox 12 Volt Fan Mod

below i will show you how to 12 volt mod your fans to better cool your xbox and prevent red ring.

Step 1:

first find the plug that supplies power to your disc drive

Step 2:

next find the wire that goes along with the plug for the positive and connect the red and brown wires from your fans. wala now you have a simple way to cool your xbox on the cheap Your fans will now sound louder, but will keep your console running much cooler. Feel the back of your console, it shows. I am not responsible for any damage done to you, or anything around you because you got in over your head, this is intended for people who already have experience splicing wires. For now thats it, please leave me a message telling me how it went and goodbye!!!!



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    they do only if your xbox hasnt been opened but most of the xbox's that get rrod have an expired warrenty

    Doesn't Microsoft warranty the rrod repairs if they do come up?

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    next i will be doing some better xbox mods and some controller rapid fire mods for any controller that i have not seen any where else so maybe im the first i will also be doing a portable xbox like the others on the site but better theres look cheap but thank them for the idea