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Introduction: Xbox 360 Decepticonsole

About: I am an artist that works in many mediums of art from costumes, armor, props, painting, drawing, sculpting, modifications and digital art. My work typically involves Steam Punk, gothic, surrealism, Renaissa...

Here is my Xbox 360 that I modded with the Decepticon symbol.  I used a printed stencil, X-acto knife and Dremel drill to cut out the image into four pieces, which were then sanded and all painted.  I used a hammered gun metal spray paint by Krylon for plastics to paint the main body and pieces and a brushed silver spray paint for the vents and HD (which matched my silver controller perfectly :) ).   I then installed plexi glass and glued the pieces back on accordingly.  As for the lights, I replaced the original green LEDs on the power button with purple ones and Installed a 6 LED lighting system powered using an adapter on the disk drive plug.  The lighting is set on purple but has 7 different color options and lighting options all remote controlled.  Total expense on this project was about $35 in parts and paint but bear in mind I did have the tools needed for this project already.



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    2 years ago

    would this method work for the xbox 1

    How did you get the plexi glass intigrated with the decepticon logo cut out? Im confused at that part. Im trying to do something similar.

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    I just cut the plexi glass down to a square size that fit under the case but still covered all the area I had cut out. I used Gorilla glue to hold it in place and then glued on the smaller cut pieces of the Deception symbol.

    i really like how you created this mod here but i would like to see a step-by-step since it's kinda hard to follow without pictorials or a video or more description.

    Actually I purchased the LEDs from Amazon. I found a LED kit that has a split on it and plugs into the same power source for the disk drive. It had two strips of 3 LEDs that I mounted on the inside top and bottom and the best part is that it came with a remote to turn the lights on and off and cycle through different patterns and colors. The kit cost about $14. As for the plexi glass, I picked that up from Home Depot in the bathroom section they had several different sheets which cost about $6, I did have to cut the plexi glass to fit inside the 360 but the plexi itself was a little thicker than poster board and the circular saw on my Dremel took care of that.

    Iv been trying to find the LED lights on amazon, but I cant seem to find them. Do you think you could send me a link that the LED lights or on?
    And the prices arnt bad at all! :)

    Here is the link but in case it doesn't work just type in Storm LED 2v and it will pull up the listings for it.

    Very Nice, I'm gonna air brush and plexi glass an xbox, trying to decide what theme to go with.

    this thing rocks. I would totally do decep on one side, autobot on the other.

    Thanks for the comments. I hope to post a step by step process of this for both the 360 and PS3 soon.