Xbox 360 Case Completely Re-cased!!!


Introduction: Xbox 360 Case Completely Re-cased!!!

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hey everyone, i just wanted to show off my xbox 360 that i just recently re-cased into a stainless steel case.  the front and back still needs some work. had a couple problems when i got everything in, i had added a 5volt regulator the the fans and they were running to slow and it red ringed, i went back to 12volts. ( really loud) i would love some feedback on what you think. 

thanks everyone!



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    still lots of work to do(the front mostly). thinking about filling the two memory card slots ( dont use memory cards) and also the eject button cause i can eject it at the dashboard. also have no yet mounts the back part yet because i have not cut out the exhaust fan yet. (require more cut-off disks) also just incase you were wondering the buld only cost me like 20$ (if you already have a steel case to put it in.)

    the case itself does not wieght alot at all, i dont even notice the difference in wieght.

    out of curiosity, with this metal case, how much would you say it weighs?

    haha no i used an old KVS controller case (stainless steel).