Xbox 360 Controller Analog Stick Mod




 This will show you how to put in buttons that will serve as the clicky button in the analog sticks.

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Step 1: Materials

 You will need:

>An Xbox 360 controller (wired or wireless)
>a Torx size 8 star key (I got mine at along with some improved        analog sticks)
>2 momentary normally open switches (I used two of Radio Shack's part number 275-0644, they cost    $2.69 a piece)
>A helping hands (they help a lot)
>A soldering iron
>Some thin jacketed wire (I got mine from a crappy old PS2 steering wheel)
>Also a utility knife for stripping the wire helps
>Finally, some snippers for cutting plastic


Step 2: Solder Up This Puppy

 That clicky button for the analog stick pushes down a little 4 pin button. You only need to solder onto two of those pins, as the pictures show.
Also, the left analog stick's pins are buried underneath the left trigger assembly, so you'll have to cut it a bit. Just hot glue it back when you're done ad it'll be fine. Also, you should remove the trigger and it's spring before breaking it.

Step 3: Drill the Button Holes and Solder the Buttons

 Find a place that both feels good and fits. The buttons I used needed a 1/2" hole, so I just found a place that fit, and drilled. I had to cut out some of the plastic where the rumble motors were to fit them, though. Once you have the buttons installed, just solder one wire to one pin, and the other to the other. It's a piece of cake now.

Step 4: Put It Back Together and Snipe on Halo With Ease

 If you've managed to get this far, putting it back should be easy enough. Remember to tuck the wires in nicely.

This mod makes sniping is Halo and COD easy.Aiming down sight with the sniper on Halo never worked well for me. Also, when running in COD, my thumb doesn't slide off the stick as much.

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    12 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Just a couple of comments from when I performed a similar mod.

    1) You can disable the stick click by trimming off the plastic post on the stick that presses the tactile switch with a craft knife or similar.

    2) If you use large pcb mounted tac switches, you can drill holes in the casing and push the legs with wires through the holes and glue the switches to the body wherever your fingers naturally go. This allows you to keep your rumble motors.

    3) You do not need to even touch the trigger assembly, let alone damage it! The pins that are concealed are on the ground plane, which means you can solder to any point on the board that is also ground instead. There is a point nearby that the shoulder button is soldered to, and there is a large point where the trigger assembly goes in at 90 degrees that you can use. There are others but these are the most convenient.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Like Scurge, I also did a mod like this without taking out the motors.

    Mine it isn't as pretty as either of yours, but I'm just saying, if you use surface-mounted buttons you can keep your motors. This is my controller with an extra ABXY buttons. Both motors are still in there. I super glued the buttons in there. Only broke 1. (Hammer + nail = try again.) 

    I got my buttons off an old printer PCB. Yes, they depress differently, but work very well. I used a broken controller, improved and fixed it, at no cost.

    [Note, the part that holds the back of the battery was broken before this mod. That is why I used it.]

    2012-11-17 09.38.59.jpg
    Valiant Goat

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Do you know how to disable the analog sticks button? I'm thinking of trying this mod out, but disabling the stick button as well would be ideal.

    Kudos BTW.

    1 reply
    ScurgeValiant Goat

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you desolder and remove the joysticks, then clip off the leads on the microswitch and resolder the joypad it will disable the clicker.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I did this same thing before seeing your i'ble. The only things i did different was completely desoldering the left trigger and removing it to get to the click button solder pads instead of breaking the trigger assembly, and I also completely desoldered the joy sticks and clipped off the leads from the microswitch on the clicker to disable its function altogether. I was having problems flying the jets in BF3, accidently clicking them in in a heated dogfight. I also used smaller buttons that allowed me to keep the rumble motors in the controller. I was gonna write an I'ble, but it looks like you beat me to it, so here's some pics of what I did. I would highly reccomend using heat shrink on the leads where they connect to the switch as they are very close to the rumble motor bodies. I picked up the switches from radioshack for about $4 for the pair. When your done, it's awefully tight and kinda hard to put the controller back together, but as long as you carefully place the buttons it will all fit.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     The only problem I had was I burned off the Player 1 LED trying the rapid fire mod. I'm horrible at soldering, so I accidentally covered the whole thing, and than it fell off. I'll try to replace it, but it probably won't work.

    Also, they were the smallest switches I could find where I liked how the action felt. A lot of the ones at Radio Shack feel weird, and the ones I chose feel somewhat like the controller. The only thing I don't like about this mod is that it makes the controller feel very cramped. I would imagine it would help Halo players the most, the only thing I can really do with it is hold breath easier when sniping in COD.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Next time use smaller switch, so you can keep your motor.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Clever Idea.  Any issues putting everything back together with the wires so near the board?