Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition

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When I was younger let's say. If i didn't have smoething like a game console. I would make it out of paper. So When iheard about the Xbox 360 halo 3 edition( I had just joined Instructables.) I thaought I should make a papper xbox 360 halo 3 edition and put it into instructables. So her is my final masterpeice of the xbox 360 halo 3 edition. And if you want to make one here's what you'll need.

1. Siccors
2. thin cardboard
3. tape
4. a ruler
5. pencils
6. a pen
7. green construction paper
8. orange construction paper
9. your imagination.

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Step 1: The Supports and Sides

Take the thin card board and cut it into thin strips thatare an inch think. The take the ruler and measure it and mark the middle. then cut a lin in three of them. There should be on long stripp with two cuts in it. Then there should be two short strips, with cuts in them. then take two peices of green paper. Put them on top of each other, and roll them up tight.

Step 2: Putting the Everything Together

first you need to take printer paper and cut out a peice that is 3" wide and 9" long. Color that black. Then take another piece color that black. But you need to make it so it will be at a different level than the other one. Next you need to take the orange paper and cut a skiny rectable to fit in teh center of the raised up part with space on the side. Now you need to cut a long skinny oarnge rectangle but on one side curve cut it down. You need to make two of these. one for each side.
Then for the sides of the main part. You need to cut 2 green strips 3" wide. and put a curve on the sides. Then you have to put it all together and it should look something like this.

then break out the tape.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Then when you have that all together. you need to draw somethings on it.


1. black marker
2. Orange constrution paper.

take the orange paper and cut it about 1 cm. wide and the whole page length. Then cut that down to the size of a disk, but keep and extra 1 cm. Now on that extra draw the eject button. In the part next to that write xbox. Now under neath that you should draw 4 skinny oalvals.

Now at the bottum of the orange draw a circle about 2 cm down.

When you finish it shou look like.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This could be transformed into a cover for a real 360. Key word:could(in case it doesn't work)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    onley if you do what octopuscabbage did...then its an "A_A EPIC WIN"
    for all!

    Captin69Gangsta Snug

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

    No I bought the Halo3 Legendary Edition and then bought the Halo3 Xbox . The Helmet comes with the Legendary Edition Game


    9 years ago on Step 3

    oh man, that's so sweet! I'll get started strait away :D

    Fable II + Halo 3 =

    Theresa: But the spire is mine. Begone.
    Spark: Unfortunately, my programming dictates that I should kill you.
    Theresa: No
    Master chief: shut up both of you
    Spark: No
    Cortana: Its OK little sparrow.
    Chief: Who the heck is sparrow???
    Lucien: Now.....Sleep
    Chief: No! *shoots Lucien with spartan laser*
    Reaver: Hey! I'm the one with the gun!
    Hammer: *Hits chief with hammer*
    Chief: * Pulls out gravity hammer and kills everyone!
    Arbiter: Nice work!

    P.S you will have to complete Fable II and get half way through halo to understand this.