Xbox 360 Headset Holder

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Amazing really nice it will look good with your 360

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Step 1: Building the Base

First take a circular piece with a gap in it and attach 4 3-inch rods in a diagonal position then attach 3 1/2- inch rods to the circular piece in a vertical and horizontal position

Step 2: Building the Frame

Take a semicircle piece with a gap and attach a 1/2-inch rod to the bottom left attachment part then attach 3 5-inch rods to the remaining attachment parts then attach a x-shaped piece to the center rod then attach a quarter pie piece to the side rods beside the 1/2 inch rod then stick a 1-inch rod into the quarter pie pieces on each side then put a 2 stubs on each side of the 1-inch rod do the same thing with the other side

Step 3: Building the Body

First you need 6 bendable 3-inch rods and 2 3rd of a pie pieces first take a 3rd piece and attach 4 bendable rods to it then take the other piece face it towards the other piece and combine them by connecting the two center rods to the center of the second piece then attach 2 rods to the sides of the other piece

Step 4: Attaching the Base and Frame

First take the bottom piece from the frame with the gap in it and attach it to the circular piece with the gap in it and it should look like this picture

Step 5: Attaching the Body

First attach the two ends with the 3rd pieces of the body to the two empty rods sticking up from the frame and thats it also make sure the center rod from the frame is inbetween the 2 center bendie rods

Step 6: Putting the Headset on the Stand

First put the headset hanging on the x-shaped piece at the top then wrap the chords around the studs at the end and put the part that plugs into the controller on the mic

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    6 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i use that yung lamp next to my chair.. haha but this is creative, cool man.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    yea i have a holder for mine to, its called the floor next to my chair. but seriously, thats pretty cool


    12 years ago on Introduction

    nice i'm gunna make it for my 360 headset =Þ =Þ =Þ<br/>


    12 years ago on Introduction

    mhe i dont have an xbox 360 i like ma ps2 =) and umm its not sumthin ud realy make and use unles ur wer addicted to knex

    (second comment)