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Introduction: Xbox Game Shelve

This project is a result of a course for school where I had to create something which involved the use of a 3D printer, a laser cutting machine, and a third device of my own choosing.

The idea:

Before I made this, I had a lot of games in my room without a proper spot to store them all. So it could be a little messy sometimes. As a result I came up with the idea to make a shelve where I can store all my games in. On the top of the shelve there will be a box in which you can store things like batteries for your controller.


  • 4x 30x60mm - 3mm - Plywood
  • PLA for 3D printer
  • Complete ledstrip set


  • Lasercutting machine
  • 3D printer
  • Glue gun

This project will approxemately cost around 30 to 35 euro's due to the ledstrip costing around 25 euro's.

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Step 1: Lasercutting

When you've downloaded all the Adobe Illustrator files, its time to start laser cutting.
If everything went according to plan you should have the same pieces you can see in the pictures above.

The first time I assembled the shelve I did it with some painter's tape. I did this because I wanted to know how everything was going to fit and I wanted to prioritize which parts I should glue first so I don't run in any trouble later on. Notice: I advice you to do the same so you get familiar with all the parts and where they should go.

With this link you can view the latercutting in progress

Step 2: Assembly

When you've lasercutted all the plywood parts and you're familiar with the parts, its time to assemble them.
I used a glue gun to glue all the different parts together.

I would advice you to start with the shelves since it will become difficult to glue them later on in the process.
In order to make the shelves straight (90 degree corner) I used a square object so I could place the little planks against them when I started to glue them.

After all the planks for the shelves are glued together, you can start with the other pieces. Its kinda hard to explain each step of the gluing process since I kinda forgot to capture it step by step. Sorry for that!
Fortunately its pretty straight forward and you shouldn't encounter any real difficulties assembling the parts.

Try to tape the larger parts together before you glue them. It makes it a lot easier. :)
Also try to glue as many spots as possible so it gets sturdier.

Step 3: Gluing the Cover & Putting on Hinges

If everything went correctly you should have something like in the first picture above.
Now its time to make the cover and attach it to the top with some hinges.

In order to make the wood thick enough for the screws I made the border of the cover 3 layers thick. Inside the box I also added 2 extra layers so the screws don't come out on the other side.

I hope you get an idea on how to attach the hinges based off the pictures above.

Step 4: Installing the Ledstrip

The game shelve is almost complete and we can now begin with installing the ledstrip

I made a hole in the back of the shelve so you can put the wire through the hole. The first thing you need to do is attach the pins of the ledstrip to the receiver. Once that is done, put the ledstrip along with the receiver into the box. After that, connect the adapter with the receiver by putting the wire through the hole at the back. Now the only thing that you need to do is plug in the adapter and you're ready to go. Just use the remote to control the ledstrip. (I've provided a link where you can buy the complete set. Note: dutch website)

As you can see i've just put the entire strip into the box instead of cutting it to a proper size. I plan to use the ledstrip for my desk so thats why I haven't cut it yet. But if you want you can cut it and stick it to the sides of the box. (The ledstrip has a sticky side when you pull the cover off)

Here you can see the ledstrip in action:

Step 5: Final Touch

One condition for this course was to make use of a 3D printer. So I had to improvise a little and came up with the idea to make a 3D printed handle for the cover.

Its just a simple square, but it serves it's purpose. :)

Once the handle is glued on top of the cover, the Xbox game shelve is complete. I hope you guys can make sense of this tutorial and hope I inspired you guys to make something awesome as well.

Step 6: The Files

Here you have all the files for the laser cutter.
Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Looks awesome! I want a PS4 version haha


    3 years ago

    I love it!