Xbox One Controller Organizer




Introduction: Xbox One Controller Organizer

My wife was tired of Xbox controllers all over the place and I was tired of never being able to find a controller for game time. I designed a box with recesses that the Xbox One controller will slide into perfectly...and look nice.

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Step 1: Review 3D Model

View the design below and if you want to make any changes, download the Fusion 360 design and upload it to one of your Fusion 360 projects.

If you want to to make any edits to the model or toolpaths, import the design into Fusion 360 and made edits as necessary to the model or toolpaths. Make sure to re-simulate toolpaths after edits are made and export the gdode local to your computer.

Step 2: Cut Stock

Cut 2 pieces of MDF 3/4″ × 10″ × 13.6″ and glue and clamp them together to get a 1.5" thick MDF stock. Once it has dried, clamp it down to your machine with the lower left corner at your machines 0,0. Home in your machine to the lower left corner and carve the imported g-code.

Step 3: Import G-code Into Easel

For this step the folks at Inventables have made it about as easy as they can to bring in g-code from external sources. I don’t think its turned on for everybody just yet but there will be an option under the File pulldown to “Import g-code”. If you want this option and don’t have it, you can ask for it on the forms and they typically turn it on for you in a day or two (now that service).

You can then import the attached c-code file into a new project and and cut right from Easel.

Step 4: Carve Xbox Controller Organizer

Carve left side of organizer after importing in g-code. Once it has carved slots for the left controllers, unclamp the stock and slide it half way down to be able to carve the right side as well. I have taken pretty small steps so total time for this is likely to be around 4 hours.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Lightly sand the slots and top of the organizer. To add a nice touch to it you can nail on some trim around the outside of the organizer to give it a little lip. Put on a nice coat or two of paint and stick a few felt pads on the base to make sure it doesn’t scratch whatever surface you put it on.

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    4 Discussions

    Would you be willing to make me something like this but on a foam pad for ps4? I’ll pay you. This is amazing!

    Garin Gardiner
    Garin Gardiner

    4 years ago

    Thanks! It was great fun and I have been wanting to do something kinda steampunkish and this was a good project for that. Controllers fit great and looks pretty clean.


    4 years ago

    This is a very efficient and good lookin' way to organize controllers. Nice work :-)