Xbox One Headset Modification for TRITTON 720! Easy, 15 Minutes!

Introduction: Xbox One Headset Modification for TRITTON 720! Easy, 15 Minutes!

Ok, so like most of the people out there with new Xbox One consoles, I too was faced with a headset dilemma. I decided to look into a way to modify my existing Gears of War 3 TRITTON 720 headset to work with my Xbox One. I figured, how hard could it be? I had in game sound, so there was hope for a chat solution.

I did some research into this and found a few people who had done this with other headset brands and models, however not the 720 that I own. I started by taking the Xbox One headset apart, the included one in the box. I found which wires powered the speaker, chat mic and the ground. Secondly, I took the chat cord that runs from the Xbox  360 controller to the communication hub on the TRITTON headset where you could mute and change volume. I cut the end off of the cord at the controller side and pulled back 3/8ths of an inch of insulation and shielding, then separated the wires. There were THREE wires, one was RED, another BLACK and a SILVER unshielded wire.

I will show with pictures what this looks like and the correct wire configuration for FLAWLESS party and public CHAT function.

You will need;

T6 driver. Torque bit, looks like a star.

Soldering Iron, flux and solder.

OPTIONAL- Hot Glue Gun. This is highly recommended.

Wire cutters, strippers.

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Step 1: Prep Wires to Connect to the Xbox One Mic Controller.

Once you take apart the Xbox One Mic controller, the piece that plugs into the controller, you'll need to un-solder the FOUR wires and discard them along with the mic, they will not be needed. Then you need to take the wires from the TRITTON chat cable, the ones that were cut and stripped and solder them in. From RIGHT to LEFT.


     -RED-    -CENTER-

     -BLACK-   -LEFT-

 Do not worry about the contact on the far left, it is un-used. SEE pic for better example.

I only stripped the RED and BLACK wires back about an 1/16th inch. The area in which you have to solder the wires to the control board is very small. The less exposed wire, the better. No need for an un-needed short! Once everything is soldered in and TESTED working, yes test it prior to re assembly, get the hot glue gun and set the wires in glue. I glued the soldered contacts top and bottom so that the wires would be shielded from the board and were supported incase they were pulled on a bit. The connections are fragile, the glue will keep them from being pulled away.

Step 2: Finished Product

Here is the finished, re assembled pieces. Looks factory and I didn't need to buy anything to make it work! This works flawlessly. I tested it for hours on public and in party chat! NO echoing or break up signaling. You will not need a new headset now, just do this simple mod and you are set!

This is my first write up, if there are questions please ask.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    A very nice article also the extra from DymnDog. But i think i'am to scarred to do this.. On the other hand i'am almost want to sell my xb one and buy a new Ps4 because there the Triton 720 works.

    There must be a way to modify only the cable between (male / male ) the Mic and the Controller.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This was very helpful, along with photos from another mod of Turtle Beach headsets on this site I felt comfortable doing this.
    I was not concerned with how it looked, and I am not good at soldering on boards (I need a better iron). So I cut and spliced the
    wires. It seems to work. Here is what I found: In the Triton wire, there
    are three wires as stated: Red, Black and Silver. In the Xbox one controller wire, there are four wires: White, Blue, Black, and Gold. I soldered the following: Triton Red:Xbox White, Triton Black: Xbox Blue, Triton Silver:Xbox Gold, Left Xbox Black unconnected. There is a very light insulation on the Xbox wires you should remove (my fingernails worked).