Xbox One Simple Hacks

Introduction: Xbox One Simple Hacks

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Everyone loves to improve their Xbox. If you are like me then you are a little scared of even touching you Xbox with a screwdriver. This was a great learning experience for me to fiddle with my Xbox instead of just buying improvements. Here are a few external modifications for you to enjoy, Thanks!

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Step 1: Quick and Easy Battery Packs

Remember the 360? It had those cool battery packs that you could just snap into your controller. Unfortunately, the Xbox One does not have this feature. Here is an easy way to quickly replace your batteries. First, line up your two batteries on a strip of duct tape. roll them together and place them in the controller. Take a final small strip and place it on the batteries. This should hold them in the form you need. Make tons and switch out when needed!

Step 2: Cheap Extended Thumb-stick

The new Xbox elite controller has the ability to switch between normal and extended sticks for extra precision. To make your own extended thumb-stick you will need a paperclip and some duct tape. Bend the paperclip as shown in the photo ( you may have to adjust a bit yourself ). Top it off with some duct tape and clip it on to your controller. If anyone knows a better way to do this tell me in the comments : )

Step 3: Removable Duct Tape Grips

Many people have simply taped the grips of their Xbox, but that just makes me cringe thinking about it. To make your removable grips tape a plastic bag around the grip section. ( don't worry scotch tape won't mark you Xbox) Then wrap the desired area in duct tape. Remove and trim! If your grips have trouble staying on, try placing some double sided tape on your controller!

Step 4: Easy Case Hangers

Ever wanted you favorite games and movies right there at any time? With one paperclip, your favorite movies are right in front of you. Simply bend the paper clip as seen in the photo, and place it in the top of your case. Close and hang!

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    3 years ago

    Cool hacks, looks like fun!