Xbox Power Supply Mod to Power LiPo Charger Using XT60 Connectors

Introduction: Xbox Power Supply Mod to Power LiPo Charger Using XT60 Connectors

I tried different computer PSU I had around but I couldn't find one that could supply  6A current, to charge my Nano-tech 6000mAh LiPo using my LiPo charger, I always charged them in my car but now as the winter is comming I had to do something about it.

I found a cheap Xbox Power Supply that is rated at 14.2A so I tried to modify it, after I noticed that it's not so easy to open it up (whitout brute force :) ) I tried a different approach, I noticed the XT60 connectors fit exactly in the interior of the xbox connector so I was thinking maybe I could fit an ON/OFF switch also. It worked and it came out to be a clean mod.

What you need
1. Xbox power supply (link)
2. XT60 connectors (link)
3. ON / OFF switch (the smallest you can find with correct AMP rating)
4. Short silicone wires 14AWG (for 12v line) and 18AWG (for 5v line) I chosed silicone wires because they are very flexible 
5. 2 diodes
6. Soldering Gun / Iron
7. Flat screw driver

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Step 1: What You Need

First open the xbox power connector by inserting a flat screw driver in the corners as shown in the bellow picture, this photo was made after the MOD was done so you can see it can be opened without damaging the connector too much.

Cut the interior of the connector so you can insert the XT60 connectors

Step 2:

Make a cut in the Xbox connector so you can fit the switch inside

Step 3:

Solder the red wire on one pin of the switch and the diodes on the other pin, the  two diodes should be soldered in series so you reduce the voltage from 5 to ~3.6v.
The blue wire should be soldered to the diode.

The 3 yellow wires should be all soldered to the 14AWG red wire and the black wires on the negative wire going to XT60 connector, on the black wires solder another 18AWG wire if you want to have 2 x XT60 connectors like I did, one for 12v and one for 5v

Step 4:

Yellow (12v) and black wires are connected to one XT60 connector and the red (5v) from the switch is connected to the other XT60 connector 

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool!
    I am working on a project that requires a power supply that can supply ~15 amps. I searched my house and work for a discarded power supply that fit that requirement. I eventually found the xbox PSU. I am glad that someone else has torn one apart and posted pics! I appreciate you posting this info.

    looks like a really well done project! I'm a little confused though, how did you hook this up to your LiPo charger?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have an iCharger 106B+ which has two power inputs, one with a round jack as on most laptops, and another one with 2 Aligator clips. I cut a cable I had from an old laptop and attached an XT60 connector, but also made another cable to be used on the aligator clips (powering the charger this way allows me to charge larger lipos, with a curent over 6A)

    I have added another image in the last step, so you see the cable connected.

    I also want to make a sort of "power station" on my working desk, and the power supply to be this xbox psu, I want to use an arduino with lcd so I have permanently displayed on the LCD the curent and voltage, but need to figure out a good way to switch from one line out to another, because the "power station" I want to make will have different outputs:
    1. 12v directly from the xbox power supply (2 connectors:XT60 and some bornes to use aligator clips )
    2. variable voltage output
    3. a few Femal USB connectors, one powered from XBOX power supply 5v line (max 1A) and maybe some other using a voltage regulator for a higher curent (2A to charge the tablet)

    So I have to find a way, to monitor each line I want.

    PS. I'm not an electrician but I'm not afraid of using the solder gun and google for info :)

    Xbox Power Brick Mod (32).jpg