Xenomorph Egg

This xenomorph egg is a miniature clay model from the movie aliens. I will try to guide you through the steps to making this horrific prop the best I can. You will need:

- clear sealant
- lime green model paint
- pink model paint
- air dry clay
- cardboard
- sculpting materials

Step 1:

Shape clay into an egg shape and set on card board.

Step 2:

Using a picture from the movie for reference, carve wrinkles and opening all over the egg.

Step 3:

When the clay is dry, use lime green model paint and pink model paint to color the egg.

Step 4:

When paint is dry, use clear sealant to make goo appear to drip from the egg



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job. I like the texturing on the sides especially.